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HTC Evo View 4G gets Android 2.3.4 on the launch day, lacks Google Video chat

Sprint and HTC have released the first software update to Evo View 4G on its launch day itself. This update brings tablet to Android 2.3.4 but disable one of the prominent features of the update – Google Talk Video Chat.

Google Talk video chat will be disabled until a future release. Other changes in the update include fix for ‘Mail has stopped unexpectedly’ pop-up message, and fixes for Google Maps and Google Navigation.

How to update:

  1. On the Home screen, tap Menu and then tap Settings
  2. Scroll up and tap System updates
  3. Tap HTC software update
  4. On the Software updates screen, tap Check now; your tablet will check for updates
  5. If there are no updates available, you will see the message Your tablet is up to date; tap OK and press Home to exit
  6. If an update is available, the A system update is available screen will appear
    1. Select Download via any available data connection or Download via Wi-Fi or cable only and tap OK
    2. You will see a Data fee warning screen; tap Yes
    3. The update will download in the background with a download icon appearing in the notification panel
    4. At the Install system software update screen, tap Install now; tap OK
    5. The device will power off and a black screen with a green arrow will appear for a few minutes
    6. The device will then power back on once the installation is complete
    7. The System software update confirmation screen will then appear; tap OK


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