HTC dumps original Desire, says no Gingerbread update for you


Update: HTC will update Desire to Android 2.3 Report Here.

It might come as a shock for many of you, but it is indeed true. HTC today posted on the UK Facebook page that they have been trying to bring Gingerbread on Desire with HTC Sense, but it seems low memory became an issue. HTC was not able to resolve it anyhow, so they have decided to dump Desire owners.

HTC Statement:

Our engineering teams have been working hard for the past few months to find a way to bring Gingerbread to the HTC Desire without compromising the HTC Sense experience you’ve come to expect from our phones. However, we’re sorry to announce that we’ve been forced to accept there isn’t enough memory to allow us both to bring Gingerbread and keep the HTC Sense experience on the HTC Desire.

Even after HTC’s decision, there are lots of ways to bring Gingerbread to your beloved phone. You can root your phone and install any custom ROM with Gingerbread as the phone and most prominent of them is CyanogenMOD.

I am still hoping that HTC comes to its senses and somehow brings Android 2.3 to Desire – by even dumping their beloved UI for stock Gingerbread.


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