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HTC Desire Z now only for INR 17K at Saholic [Deal Alert]

If you are looking to buy an Android smartphone with Slide-out QWERTY keypad, HTC Desire Z is your best bet right now in the Indian market. Thanks to a nice deal over at, you can buy HTC Desire Z now only for INR 17,099.

Until today, the retail price of the smartphone was hovering around INR 23K – so at 17K Desire Z is surely a steal.

To remind you, HTC Desire Z comes with FroYo on-board and is expected to get Gingerbread update this month. You can check out more on

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38 thoughts on “HTC Desire Z now only for INR 17K at Saholic [Deal Alert]

    1. @Dev It is safe, other readers have purchased. They are new in this segment that’s why they are giving such deals to attract consumers, which is a normal practice.

  1. @Gaurav I searched at other retailing websites, most of the websites are showing Out of Stock for both Desire and Desire-Z. Doesn’t this means that they are clearing stock left in the market?

  2. Thanks Gaurav, you are doing a good job and you website really provide latest information about android and android devices.

  3. @Gaurav: Last week I had almost made up my mind to buy mi-410, but now this news has put me in a conundrum!!! Can you help me out here? Specs wise both these phones are good, except that 410 has a better chipset and processor, although the processor for desire can be oc’ed significantly. The only advantage of desire z that I see is the finish (gorilla glass and all) and HTC Sense.
    So which deal should I go for??

  4. Desire Z doesn’t have a gorilla glass. HTC phones are generally more favored by modders unlike Huawei phones (Spice Mi-410 is Huawei Ideos X6). I think the main differentiation is the physical keyboard in HTC rather than anything else (processor chip-set etc is all secondary when it comes to modding). Those who want physical qwerty would go for DZ over Mi-410. Also I see that for Spice Mi-410 in the specs it is mentioned that Number of Colors is 256K. That’s very poor for the big screen it’s carrying and would make images and look patchy. Maybe Saholic over here can comment if the 256K color is a reality or a mistake in the spec sheet.

  5. Dear Saholic,
    Thanks for commenting. I have intimated about this great deal to my colleagues as well. I have a few queries, which if you could answer, it would be great.
    Can I get the same price in Spice Hotspots (considering both are spice ventures). I am a bit old school in these matters, and still prefer to buy from stores. hence the query.

    thanks in advance. expecting to hear from you.

  6. Abhisekh, glad that I was able to help.

    This price is a web only price. But if you like to see the product before buying, you can try try the Spice Hotspots. If you don’t get this price at Hotspots, you know where to find us 🙂


  7. Thanks Saholic! response much appreciated. In that case, request you to clarify the below questions too, which I am sure would be of help to others:
    1. Do I get the box pack, vendor warranty and tax invoice/ bill?
    2. Do i get a recent packaging? (say upto 2 months old)?
    3. Which courier do you use? From where would you ship it (e.g. Gurgaon, Bangalore etc)

    Thanks for your patience and reply. As told before, since I havent brought any item online and also at this price range, I am bit apprehensive. I have already spread the word with my colleagues 🙂


  8. Yes Abhisekh, you get the box pack, manufacturer’s warranty (not vendor warranty), tax invoice etc. just like when you buy any other product. The packaging is recent, most likely Dec 2010. We sell only original and genuine products with full manufacturer’s warranty. And we do a free next day delivery to most pin codes in India. Where are you based?

  9. @saholic: I am a bit skeptical due to such a price difference between saholic and other retailers. I wanted to confirm if its refurbished/any minor fault etc?

  10. @Jitesh, we don’t deal in any refurbished or defective phones. We want the best for our users and try to procure the best possible deals to WOW them. You have our assurance that there won’t be any issues with the phones you buy from us as we sell only original and genuine products with full manufacturer’s warranty.

  11. Guys,
    No other retailer is selling htc desire z for 17k.
    If Saholic is selling at 17k, there is something fraud.
    guys, dont take any risk

  12. Dear Saholic,

    Please let me know, if we can expect a price revision for HTC Incredible S (like the mouth watering deal of 15k for the Desire and Desire Z)


  13. Want to buy a Qwerty slidout phone. But I am confused between Desire Z and Xperia Pro. What could be expected price of Xperia Pro?
    Desire Z at 17K is good offer but not sure about its support when android 2.4 and HTC sense 3.0 will launch at the end of this year.

    Can anyone help me out.

  14. Dear Saholic,

    I just have one question to ask that is, if the site is genuine and there is no fraud or any kind of catch with it then why don’ u guys give an option of COD(cash on delivery) so that the buyer also feel safe about his/her money. And even if one is paying the amount in advance what is the guaranty that the product would be delivered to them for sure.

  15. I ordered this from Saholic and got the delivery in a day with everything as promised.

    Am loving the phone..

  16. @ Ranjesh @ Su
    We are a part of the Spice Group and being an on online company, credibility is one of the most important thing for us. We have been in operations for couple of months now and haven’t had any issues with delivery. Actually we promise next day delivery unlike any other online retailers in India. You can be sure that you will receive the product after you have ordered.

    @ Ranjesh
    We leverage our relationship with the manufacturers to get great deals just for our customers. We have sold substantial number of HTC phones so far and haven’t had issues. Please feel free to place your order.

  17. @Abhisekh We try to get the best deals to WOW our customers. At the moment we don’t have plans for HTC Incredible S. Keep watching this space or our facebook page for updates on new deals.

    Thanks @Vijay hope you like your new phone

  18. @Saholic Your offers are really good. I am trying to buy the HTC Desire Z online, however a pop up is saying it is out of stock! Can you let us know if more stocks are going to come? Also, can you have a comments section on your website? That way we can connect there itself. Your phone number is incorrect and cannot dial in to it.

  19. Guys
    Guess what…I bought Desire z from Saholic and i can assure you that its worth the money.I got the delivery details online + got a call from them giving me the details as well. product was in perfect packing along with the Invoice and everything that was mentioned online.

    I was worried but finally the result came out fruitful for me. Thanx Saholic…..

  20. @Saholic Your customer service number “does not exist”. Still have a hard time believing this deal.

  21. @Bleep
    I have checked the number as well…believe me i have checked it all my self..there is a prob with there number as they are shifting there office and there lines are down..if u want i have the number of one of there representative who called me to confirm the delivery…

  22. @Su Great! Needed that confirmation! Sadly, its out of stock now! Can you give me their representative’s number? I need to ask them if they will be coming back with more stock of the Desire Z.

  23. @saholic I recently visited few hotspot stores in mysore and bangalore……… check out spice mi-410. it seems like the boxes were opened and repacked. may i know the reason for it.

  24. When will this deal next be available, on the website it shows out of stock…please Saholic get this deal back asap..or at least let me buy one…please…please …please!!!

  25. hey i think saholic is a scam
    the customer care number 120 – 645 – 874 they have provided in the site itself is invalid . .
    secondly , they call themselves as a part of spice group . .
    and is the website of the spice group and its no where mentioned in the site anything about saholic . .

  26. Remo i am using a soholic product from almost a month now. its not a scam dear…if u want send me ur mail id..i can forward u the invoice and the bill they gave me along with it….

  27. Hi everyone, is a wonderful website and it is very much secure to use it. I had a wonderful experience with it. I ordered HTC wildfire from this as it was offering the lowest price. I got my order delivered to my door step in less than 24 hours. I am highly impressed with its prompt delivery service and would recommend to shop from

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