HTC Desire will get stock Gingerbread update in Australia, others?

After all the ‘ho-halla’, HTC recently promised to bring Gingerbread to Desire, but hinted towards possible subtraction in the number of HTC Sense apps to accommodate the update. While company never went official about which Sense apps will be gone from Desire or will it be just the stock update.

But, today the software update schedule on Australian telecom operator Telstra website gave a hint regarding this. While the following information is only official for Australia, we might see the same for other countries as well.

According to Telstra, due to the increased memory requirements of the ‘Gingerbread’ update, new software that does not include HTC’s Sense UI is being prepared and it will be coming in August.

So, Australians you have got a date [month], but I don’t think the update arrival schedule should be any different for other markets – at least for unlocked devices.


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