Google+ debuts, so does the official Android app

After many rumors, Google has finally revealed its biggest attempt at ‘Social’ – Google+. Built around the philosophy of sharing the right thing with the right people, Google+ project brings together a lot of features in one product.

Rather than trying to explain myself, I would let Google do all the talking: P, guess it’s 12 at night and I am all lazy.

    • Google+ Circles:

    • Google+ Sparks:

    • Google+ Hangouts:

  • Google+ Mobile:
    1. Google+ Instant Upload:

    1. Google+ Huddle:


Google is starting the Circles project trial today, but you will need an invitation to join it. You can request one here.

Company has also released the official Android app for Google+, which can be downloaded from here.

More on Google+ project here.

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