Cyberlink launches PowerDVD Android app, but only for OEMs

Cyberlink has launched the Android version of its popular media player app PowerDVD. Application is only available to partner OEMs currently and has not been released in the Android Market, which means you will have to wait for a phone/tablet to have it pre-installed.

“CyberLink keeps creating the most intuitive and friendly multimedia experiences for users,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink. “With the unveil of PowerDVD for Android, we once again realize our vision of ubiquitous media experience, helping users to enjoy the wired and wireless interoperable network made up of consumer electronics, PCs and portable devices in the home and on the road.”


  • HD video playback with MKV format support
  • 3D playback and 2D-to-3D conversion
  • Camera module for Android
  • DLNA solution for Android
  • DTCP-IP solution for Android

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