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Amazon to bundle free movie streaming service with its tablet

Rumors and leaks haven’t stopped a bit about the upcoming Android tablets from Amazon. According to the latest piece of information coming from Detwiler Fenton’s consumer research team, Amazon is planning to bundle its Instant Video service for free with its Android tablet.

It is certainly a great incentive for anyone going to the tablet, and would be enough to create the initial craze. Amazon already offers this service for free to its Prime customers.

It is also important to note that Google recently announced its own Movie streaming service called Google Movies, which works on Honeycomb and Gingerbread devices in US.

This tablet codenamed Hollywood, will come with 10 inch color display, and will deeply integrate Amazon’s services including Kindle. There have been leaks suggesting that it will have a quad core processor, but we suspect that.


One thought on “Amazon to bundle free movie streaming service with its tablet

  1. From what I’ve read it will only be free for some of the first tablets purchased. In other words, it most likely will be a free bonus for a short period for early adopters. I doubt it will be for all Amazon tablet and for as long as you own the tablet.

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