Amazon tablets coming in August-Sep with TI processors

Amazon is all set with its upcoming Android tablets and we can finally see the launch as soon as August or September. According to a Digitimes report, Amazon is targeting four million sales this year, which is a pretty stiff target.

Report also clarifies on the processor in the tablets; there is no nVIDIA Kal-El love here, Amazon is putting Texas Instruments processors. It will be interesting to see how well TI gets Honeycomb optimized with its processors as we haven’t seen any tablets with its chips till now. Recently known Android 3.2 might have included TI support, as it also includes Qualcomm processors to its list of optimized chips along with nVIDIA Tegra 2.

To remind you, there are two tablets in pipeline codenamed Coyote [7 inch], and Honeycomb [10 inch].

One thought on “Amazon tablets coming in August-Sep with TI processors

  1. It does seem that Google is a little slow in adding support for other processors. Tegra 2 has been out for what, a year. Some of the other SoC manufacturers have better chips available now and I’m surprised that Honeycomb doesn’t have full support for them. One would think that Google would be adding support for the top of the link chips asap.

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