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Spice Mi-410 to finally launch next month for INR 15000

Announced way back in August last year, Spice Mobility is finally planning to release Mi-410 Android smartphone in India. Spice Mi-410 is basically a rebranded Huawei X6, which was also announced by Olive Telecom as Olive Smart in February this year but is still waiting to see light of the day.

According to a report in Mobile Indian, Spice Mobility Managing Director Dilip Modi has said that Spice Mi-410 will reach Indian market next month for a price around INR 15,000. He has also added that the smartphone will come preloaded with Android 2.2; on the other hand the same smartphone which is being launched by Olive will have Gingerbread on-board.

Well, none of them has been launched as of now; we will be waiting for June to see if Mi-410 actually reaches the market.

Spice Mi-410 aka Olive Smart aka Huawei X6 Features:

  • 4.1 inch capacitive display
  • 1 GHz Qualcomm Processor
  • Android 2.2*
  • HSDPA, 14.4 Mbps; HSUPA, 5.76 Mbps
  • 5MP camera with LED Flash
  • 2 GB Internal Memory
  • 512 MB RAM

* Olive Smart will have Android 2.3

7 thoughts on “Spice Mi-410 to finally launch next month for INR 15000

  1. Dear Gaurav
    Thanx for the news.
    When i opened the above picture it also shows another person holding a 7 inch spice tablet.
    Can u please give us the details of that spice tablet?

  2. The phone is having lots of issues, checkout gsmarena for its review.

    I think Samsung Ace is better than this, imagine a plate is full of 100 breads, but you can eat only 10 max.

    Craving for too much ram and processor speed is not the best always. 2.3.3 can run well on Ace.

    and you will get less issues

  3. @Pyaare Mohan
    I haven’t seen a proper review of the X6 anywhere. Could you provide a link perhaps?
    Although going by the specs, the X6 beats the Ace any day except maybe in brand recall. Bigger screen, better processor, better GPU, higher screen resolution, more RAM. The only thing going for the Ace is the Gorilla glass. Check this
    At this price point Defy would be the only other contender at the moment ( rugged build,active noise cancellation, processor overclockable to a stable 1Ghz ) . Also according to people on thisthis forum, updating to 2.2.2 fixed the issues. With a Gingerbread update looming not so far away, this seems to be the perfect compromise between price and performance. But that’s just my opinion of course. lol

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