Skype rival Viber launches beta of its Android app

Popular VoIP app Viber today announced the release of beta version of their Android App. This app will be similar to their existing iPhone app, which allows users to call/text other Viber users using 3G/WiFi.

Viber app comes with some Android exclusive goodies:

  • Full call screen: whenever a Viber call is received;
  • Popup text message notification which allows users to respond to text messages without opening Viber
  • Tighter integration with the phone to allow users to see their regular call logs and messages inside Viber
  • Ability to set Viber as the phone’s default dialer so that users can use the Viber dialer for their entire phone calls, not just for Viber.

Viber is a very simple app, and it does not require any registration and simply works using your phone number. It shows the Viber logo adjacent to your contacts which are online using Viber and you can call/text them using WiFi or 3G network.

3 thoughts on “Skype rival Viber launches beta of its Android app

  1. Hello,
    This is a member of the Viber Development Team!
    Thank you for your review of Viber. we are very happy that so many people worldwide are interested in our application.

    If anyone has any questions/suggestions for Viber, please feel free to write, and I will address them shortly.

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