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Samsung Galaxy S2 US variants get names

While, we all are waiting for Samsung to launch its Android beast Galaxy S II in United States, a recent leak revealed smartphone’s names on various telecom operators in the country.

According to Wireless Xcessories Group, the Verizon variant of Galaxy S2 will be named Galaxy S2 Function, while the Sprint and AT&T versions will be dubbed as Within & Attain respectively.

While these names are not official, but accessory makers normally are the first one to get to know about phones after the manufacturer itself. So, we are pretty positive that we are going to see these as the names of Galaxy S2 variants in the country.

This leak also suggests that Verizon, AT&T and Sprint versions will be designed same as we are seeing the same accessory for all the three.

There is no word on the name of T-Mobile variant right now.


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