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Samsung Galaxy S2 now available in Russia, Germany; coming to Italy, Taiwan soon

samsung galaxy s IILatest Android flagship smartphone from Samsung, Galaxy S II has started reaching various markets, and will be launched in the others soon. The latest ones to get this Android beast are Germany and Russia.

While the smartphone went on sale in Germany for €649, it is be available in Russia starting today 31,900 rubles [16GB version]. With all these launches the Tegra 2 variant of the smartphone seems to have been lost somewhere, and all the countries till now have got the phones with Samsung Exynos 1.2 GHz dual core processor. May be Tegra 2 version is Samsung’s backup plan, and if the demand goes over the roof and company is not able to produce enough processors, it will start releasing Tegra versions with a lower price in some markets.

Talking about the upcoming launches, Samsung Italy has already started taking preorder for the device and will start shipping from May 25, which is not too far. Taiwan is another country, which is going to see Samsung Galaxy S2 launch soon, company has announced that it will take preorder from June 1 and will ship it afterwards without mentioning a specific date.

At last, while nothing is still official about India, sources have revealed that company is looking for launch later this week or next week.


7 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S2 now available in Russia, Germany; coming to Italy, Taiwan soon

  1. Dear Mohan, i think the one from indiaplaza is an imported one so that’s why it’s so expensive. hope the samsung galaxy s2 in India will come with nvidia chipset and much cheaper price. 🙂

  2. @shahmin you right that it may be an imported model.but in india it will be released with exynos processor and don’t know about the price…

  3. @joush if the price is below 30k it will b wonderful. but i think mayb we need to sacrifice somethg like slcd screen or even nvidia processor for tat price. who knows. im just guessing. 🙂

  4. @shahmin if that would be the case then I’ll not buy it from india and will be ordering one from uk. Or will wait for nexus 3. But will not get slcd and tegra version..

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