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Samsung Galaxy S to get Gingerbread update in India by May-end

Samsung Mobile India official twitter account has started giving users the time-frame for Android 2.3 update for Galaxy S. According to the company, the update will reach by the end of this month, and they will soon declare other details. It is surely good news for all the Galaxy S owners in India, who are patiently waiting for the update.

On the other hand, those of you who went for Samsung Galaxy SL, the wait can be longer but they will indeed get Gingerbread. In a separate tweet company said that Android 2.3 update will be delivered to Galaxy SL sometime in the first half of July.

Thanks Amit for the tip

6 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S to get Gingerbread update in India by May-end

  1. If you see the conversation, they are talking about Galaxy SL and not Galaxy S. Do let us know when will Galaxy S be upgraded to Gingerbread.

  2. @Gaurav, Have you came across any issues with the Galaxy S Android 2.3 update ? My battery is draining very fast since the upgrade ( though my usage remains same)

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