Samsung Galaxy S II Hands on [India Edition]

By now you must have heard that Samsung today launched the Galaxy S II in the Indian Market. Well, at the launch event, we had quite some time to play with this amazing device, so here are our first impressions.

As you know, this thing is a beast and every swipe on its display goes like a finger in the butter. There is not even a little lag; well that’s what you get when you put in a 1.2 GHz Dual core processor.

Handling-wise, it is big and many of you like me with average hand might find it extra-large, guess that’s the downside of wanting a big display smartphone. It is indeed thin and the thinnest smartphone that you will get in the Indian market right now.

Hardware: You get the power on/off button on the right side, volume rocker is on the left, 3.5 mm headset jack on the top and the mini USB cum HDMI port is on the bottom of SGS2.

Samsung has pre-loaded a lot of its own apps and Touchwiz 4.0 is quite different from the previous version. Company will be providing local content on Readers Hub & Music Hub by partnering with third party content providers. It might take some days after the launch for you to actually use it on your phone.

Another addition to this Android flagship from Samsung is Gaming Hub; Samsung wants to capitalize on the powerful processor in the phone.  Well that’s all for now, we will soon be doing the full in-depth review of the device as soon as we get our hands on it again, till then enjoy the following pictures of our time with Samsung Galaxy S2.



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