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Samsung Galaxy S II gets sim-unlock method, KE7 firmware update

samsung galaxy s IISamsung is pushing software updates to Galaxy S II like anything; smartphone is getting another update in the some European countries. This is the third update to hit this Android flagship from Samsung.  There is no official changelog, but according to users this update brings improved battery life, more free RAM on start-up and improved camera support. Dubbed as KE7, you can download it now via Kies.

On the other hand, you can now unlock your sim-locked Galaxy S2 after playing with some system files on the smartphone.  The current lock solution is not the easiest one and you can wait for some days for an easier one to appear from devs at XDA. If you cannot wait, you will need a rooted Samsung Galaxy S and then extract nv_data.bin file from your phone and follow four more steps given here to enjoy the benefits of sim-unlocked phone.

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