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Nook Color Update 1.2 Review – Bloomberg

Barnes & Noble recently started pushing Android 2.2 along with several new apps via its update number 1.2 to Nook Color. This color e-reader, which has already been modified to become a decent entry-level tablet by Android community, has got many new features officially.

Along with a new e-mail client, App Store with negligible number of free apps, the new update brings FroYo goodness. Personally, I haven’t noticed any real change, as I have already been running CyanogenMod on the device for long. So, if you want to go back from existing custom ROM on your Nook Color, you should think twice.

Anyways coming back to the real thing, Bloomberg’s Rich Jaroslovsky did a quick review of this update in the video below.

(Rich Jaroslovsky is a Bloomberg News columnist. The opinions expressed are his own. Source: Bloomberg)

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