Non-market Android App installation coming to AT&T officially

AT&T has announced that it would soon allow users of Android phones on its network to officially install non-market Android apps. The first step in this direction will be allowing Amazon App store to function, and later telecom operator will open it for all non-market apps.

According to telecom operator, it was afraid of “bad apps” harming phones and the network, reported PCMag.

“I think we’ll go more open, first and foremost we were genuinely concerned from a network bandwidth standpoint and a customer experience standpoint for not having any mechanism to take down a bad app. We took a lot of negative publicity for doing it, but it was 100 percent driven by a desire to be able to have the ability to support our network and be able to help our customers. It really was.”

–          Jeff Bradley, AT&T senior vice president of mobile devices


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