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Motorola Xoom 3G to get Android 3.1 starting today; what can you expect?

Owning the Pure Google devices has its own profits. Just like Nexus S was the first phone to get Android 2.3.4, Xoom 3G owners with Verizon will be the first to receive Android 3.1.

The update will be rolled out over the next few weeks to all Xoom 3G owners, and yes Wi-Fi only buyers are out of luck right not but will soon get the update.

Features of Android 3.1 for Xoom:

  • Enhanced task switcher
  • Resizable widgets
  • Honeycomb devices can now act as a USB host for USB input devices
  • New Movies App to stream movies rented from Android Market
  • Support for joysticks and gamepads
  • Robust Wi-Fi networking
  • Updated standard apps including Browser, Email, Calendar, Gallery and Contacts

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