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Motorola Defy gets Android 2.2 FroYo update in India

Motorola has released the much awaited Android 2.2 update for Defy in India today. Available as a download from Motorola Update website, it hasn’t been released over the air.

You can download the update from here.

Update Changelog:

  • Adobe Flash 10.1
  • Apps on SD card support
  • Improved Keyboard
  • Performance Improvements

Full changelog below:

Thanks Shivguru K for the tip

25 thoughts on “Motorola Defy gets Android 2.2 FroYo update in India

  1. unable to update. It is showing that update unavailable.If anyone able to update than please write the procedures.

  2. ok updated to 2.2 froyo, but now i cant click pics with flash on, resulting photo is just BLACK, although i am able to click photos just fine without flash. anybody having similar issue?

  3. ok, found solution for the above camera issue, just clear the data from the camera application in the settings manage application menu.

  4. I was able to successfully install froyo on my defy.

    Use the Motorola software update tool. You can download it from the link given above.

    Run the tool and then connect your phone. Once it detects the phone click on check for updates. The process takes approx 15 -20 min depending on your internet speed.

    Let me know if you have any issues.

  5. I have updated my Motorola Defy yesterday.
    Yes update is very much available in India and it’s easy too. Pls find the step by step procedures for all those defy 2.1 users:

    First download the motorola software update tool from their site. Gaurav already posted the link here above. It’s 20MB file. Install it in your PC. Now just connect your phone with provided usb cable.
    1st step it recognizes your phone and IMEI number automatically..
    Click on next…Software starts checking..actually the upgrade starts downloading..takes 15 mins for me in my BSNL broadband..Now click next .. There your motorola Defy starts updating with froyo..system now reboots and you just need to disconnect USB.. Switch off phone and restart.. That’s all.

    Major improvements found:
    All those benefits of froyo, apps to SD, Flash etc.. Yes Flash 10.3 also could install from market.
    Major improvement seen is the battery life.. Yes now the battery is still remaining with 50% power after full day netbrowsing today..!!!

  6. Guys please help i have tried each and every step but every time it is showing no update available for ur mobile.

  7. I to have same problem inspite of following the procedure…. its really very strange can any one help us ???

  8. @rp
    and all
    confirmed by the users in the moto forum that update have removed and those who updated are facing problem. Friends now only i come to know that my friend who is working in mobile shop force me not to buy moto mobile. As american nature they make sarc countries as testing ground or dumping ground. If u really want to buy mobile in future never ever buy american mobiles.

  9. Just got email response from Moto India that 2.2 is indeed officially launched but the user needs to get it upgraded from an authorised Motorola Service Centre. Motorola Tools will be enabled later for the user to upgrade it him/her-self but till that happens, one needs to get it done from the service centre.

  10. If you guys dont worry about the warranty, its available unofficially now. I installed it and it works like a charm!

  11. hi sundar,

    you said the froyo update is available unofficially…can you please tell me where can i find it…

    many thanks

  12. Motorola India has advised Defy owners to hang on a bit till they fix the bugs surrounding the update. It shouldn’t take long as per ’em.

  13. Hey thanks vivek…. even my camera flash problem solved after clearing the data as per your instruction… thanks bro this was the only thing i was concerned for my 2.2 update

  14. unfortunately…… it has been removed in just few days……. lets wait and hope for the release again…….. why motorola is not concerned with the customers in India….. that’s why it is loosing the ground in India again after picking up with few android devices……
    samsung is far better in updating devices in India…… disgusting !!!!

  15. As per motorola, Official update is available at their service centers. For those who dont care about warranty, you can use custom rom’s available from the market and update. But do it under your own risk.

    I updated to MIUI Gingerbread.

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