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HTC’ first women centric Android smartphone Bliss leaked

HTC Bliss, which might become the first Android phone for women from HTC, was spotted by the crew over at TIMN. Bliss is supposedly launching on Verizon in United States, but we are pretty sure that we will see an international version too soon.

It may be HTC’s first but it is not the first attempt by a manufacturer to make an Android phone for women.  Pantech was the first company to launch an Android phone for women in Korea; it was called Izar and was launched last year in June.

Second attempt was from Samsung, which released a tweaked version of its original Galaxy S by the name of Galaxy S Femme. It was launched in Taiwan around September last year.

So, companies do think that there is a market for women centric Android devices, and HTC Bliss will be the first Android phone for women that will reach large markets like US, and other countries. Both the above phones were just limited to one or two odd countries.

Coming to features of HTC Bliss, it will have shopping comparison and calorie counting apps, probably run HTC Sense. Hardware specifications are still very vague, according to TIMN; it will be around .54 inch thick and will have a camera [wow, that’s news].

Coming to accessories, it will have a wireless charging dock with speakers, matching bluetooth headset, and a new charm indicator, which will be cube-shaped device comes with a hook for attaching to a purse or bag. Charm Indicator will notify when you will get a new text or missed call.

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