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HTC Desire HD now getting Android 2.3 Gingerbread update in India

HTC Desire HD
HTC Desire HD

It seems HTC has started rolling out Android 2.3 update for Desire HD in India today. Several of our readers are sending in reports of getting the update on their device, even members on XDA forums are also reporting the update in India.

It is available for download over the air, and Desire HD users will soon get a notification on their device about the availability of the update. You can also go to Settings >> About Phone >> Software Update to manually check for the update.

As the update is big in size (around 99 MB), it would be better to update your device while using a WiFi network else you might incur significant data charges.

You are waiting for the official update changelog from HTC, will update the post as soon as I get it.

Image Credit: Ritesh

Thanks Ritesh for the tip

19 thoughts on “HTC Desire HD now getting Android 2.3 Gingerbread update in India

  1. yea.. finally after a long long wait we Indians get our hands on the 2.3 update for DHD.
    updated my DHD this morning and its runing smooth till now . very happy with the performance. the changes i’ve noticed is a minor increase in battery life, sound quality, and the new quick menu from sense 2.1. slight changes in the message part, camera seems more crisp.
    overall happy with my DHD now .. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Updated my incredible S today morning..HTC should have allowed the black theme…keyboard looks slick though..overall not much difference.

  3. thanks for the info … after reading this i tried it on my phone … and yeah its there … now downloading android 2.3 update …. thanks for the info …

  4. god!! just realized HTC is giving out updates daily in chunks based on IMEI number and not country based…..suxxx

  5. Got it yesterday… It feels awesome..:)..
    @Ishan, I did the same , just re boot the ph and check for it again.. this worked for me..

  6. Hey I did the update today…its working perfectly fine. However, my location maps keep asking me for an updated version of Map and when I go ahead with that update, It doesnt really downding anything. I waitd for an hour but still nothing. I have already tried rebooting my phone thrice and restarting that map update, still no go…I keep getting the pop up for the map update.

    Anybody else facing the same issue…?

    Please help…


    Hemant Vaidya

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