Guess What, Microsoft earns more from Android than Windows Phone

Yes, that is very true. According to a report released by Citi Analyst Walter Pritchard, Microsoft is getting USD 5 for every HTC Android device sold in the market. This money is coming from the patent settlement made between the two parties in 2010.

A simple math reveals that how this USD 5 is generating more money for Microsoft than all their Windows Phone sales. HTC is shipped around 30 million Android phone, which means USD 150 million for Microsoft, on the other hand Microsoft get USD 15 for the WP license from device sales and only 2 million were sold giving the company USD 30 in revenue.

150 million from Android and just 30 million from Windows Phone, that’s the reason why Microsoft is running around suing everyone.


3 thoughts on “Guess What, Microsoft earns more from Android than Windows Phone

  1. MS has been doing this type of thing for. . . well, just about as long as they’ve been around. They tried the same thing with but were told they would have to pay Java royalties for .net so Bill passed on forcing that issue.

    These big tech companies have become school yard bullies.

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