Google to announce NFC powered mobile payment system tomorrow

Google is expected to announce a mobile payment system tomorrow at an event in New York, reported WSJ. Search engine giant is going to announce details on how a consumer make purchases using their NFC powered smartphones, and even get loyalty points or use discount coupons.

This mobile payment system will first make its way to New York and subsequently to San Francisco and other cities. More details will be given at the event on Thursday.

Google is said to be working with Citigroup, MasterCard along with VeriFone and ViVOtech, which makes credit card readers.


One thought on “Google to announce NFC powered mobile payment system tomorrow

  1. With the biggest 3 carriers teaming up with ISIS for NFC payments, Sprint was left out to be caught by Google for its NFC payment program. This new mobile payment service will mean that consumers will be able to pay for goods and redeem handsets via specially equipped NFC cash registers. With this update, I am feeling that iphone also will get itself NFC capable in future.

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