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Google Music may finally launch tonight at Google I/O 2011

First hinted at the Google I/O 2010, we might finally see the launch of Google Music tonight at this year’s Google developer conference. According to a report in WSJ, sources familiar with the development have stated that Google hasn’t been able to secure licenses from four major music record companies, so, the service will include a feature similar to remote hard drive to access all the stored music.

It is very similar to what Amazon recently launched as Cloud Player, which allows users to upload music on the free 5GB storage in cloud and play it directly on various supported devices, but it also allows users to directly save their Amazon MP3 purchases to this cloud so that they don’t have to download and then upload again.

Google Music will allow users to listen the music from remote drive, but they will not be able to download it. Company is taking this step so that their service does not fall prey to piracy.

The news also comes with a dampener that it service will be first available for testing and later be rolled out to public at large.

We will bring you all the detail as soon as Google makes the announcement. So, be sure to check again.

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