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Dual SIM Spice Mi-270 is India’s cheapest Android phone at INR 5700

Remember, we reported earlier this month that Spice Mobility is soon going to launch a MediaTek chip powered dual SIM Android device Mi-270 in India. Well, it has become official and Spice Mi-270 is now available in the Indian market.

MediaTek is currently focused on bringing the smartphone prices down by reducing the chip costs and the result is in front of us, Spice MI-270 is priced at just INR 5,700 in stores although the recommended company price is INR 6,500.

Spice Mi-270 features 2.8 inch display, Android 2.2, dual SIM capacity, 2MP camera, GPS, WIFI, microSD card support up to 16 GB, and 1000 mAh battery.

14 thoughts on “Dual SIM Spice Mi-270 is India’s cheapest Android phone at INR 5700

    1. @abish Processor is MediaTek 600 MHz Processor, no word on the RAM though, it think it would have something around 256 MB.

  1. Is the screen capacitive or resistive? It doesn’t matter how cheap a phone is, if the screen is too bad or the processor can’t handle Android, it will be of little use

    Here in Spain the phone that has broken the market (except if you want a high-end handset) is the ZTE Blade. You can have it prepaid for 70 euros and it has a 3.5 inch 800 x 480 capacitive touchscreen, plus a decent processor. It has full access to Android market and Google’s services.

    For comparison purposes, the off-contract Iphone 4 retails for over 600. The Iphone 3GS, which has similar specs to the Blade, still costs over 200 euros off-contract. I don’t think the “big name” brands will be able to keep people paying for a logo when low-cost Android handsets are improving at such a pace.

  2. Excellent phone at this price with almost all andriod phone features except 3g but that will be too much to expect at this price value

  3. Spice gives good features, but its phones are of low quality.

    I had a spice phone. Didnt worked well. service center guys not able to repair it easily. wen i received it after a month after repairing, just in 15 days again it went bad. Then it was in service center for more than 2 months. as they were not able to repair it.

    I thought I might would have had a bad piece of mobile. So i purchased a new spice dual SIM mobile. But again it was bull shit. Always remain in service center.

    So all together purchasing Spice mobile is a bad thought. Spice can never make good mobile phones. Investing in it is waste of money and time.

    Manish Sahdev

  4. MI-270 ARM926Ej-S rev5(v5I) this architecture max cpu speed 200 MHZ, RAM = 190 mb not support AVI files.

    I purchase and good working from last six month, one sim work at a time other dead if u use call/gprs.
    use moboplayer+codec for ARM V5te for avi files. delete extra software like(free sms,free video,ibibo,justdial,mail) which u dont use. it increase speed.

  5. I am wishing to buy this phone, doesnt matter if it lacks 3G support, but if we look rest of the features of this phone, is it a good value for money ? For any beginner android user is it a good phone ? Does it has a capacitive touchscreen or resistive touchscreen ? I hav used spice dual sim normal phone, and it wasnt that bad in quality.

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