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Best Android Phones on Verizon

Motorola Droid might have been the first Verizon smartphone to make Android a household name, but this telecom operator has launched a lot more cool Android smartphones on its network. With its developing LTE network, we are seeing a new generation of Android phone reaching Verizon every day.

We have compiled a list of best Android phones available currently with Verizon. You can also check out list of Best Android Phones on T-Mobile here.

Full-Touch Android phones:

Droid Charge: Want the power of LTE with Android, Droid Charge is the best bet for you. Thought it lets you down on the Android version front, we hope Super AMOLED Plus display will make it up for the delay until you get the Gingerbread on your phone.

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Other LTE Alternatives are LG Revolution and HTC Thunderbolt, both of them are good devices, but they are 99 when its compares to Droid Charge’s 100.

If you still want something else, other 3G touch options are Droid X2, Droid Incredible 2 and Xperia Play.

QWERTY Android options:

Droid 2 Global: Successor to the original Droid, Droid 2 Global is best slide-out QWERTY Android option on Verizon, but rumors are rife about a possible Droid 3 announcement pretty soon.

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Other options with physical keyboards will be Droid Pro with portrait QWERTY and old LG Ally.

That’s all for now, do check tomorrow for our AT&T special.


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