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Best Android Phones on T-Mobile USA

Since the day G1 was launched as the first ever Android smartphone, T-Mobile as a telecom operator was always a big supporter for Android and a great partner for Google. T-Mobile always brought some great Android devices on its network and most of the time they were running on Android vanilla UI, which made them wanted by everyone. The recent example of the dearth of G2x due to great demand is one example.

Today, we have compiled a list of best Android devices available on its network.

Best Touch Device:

LG G2x: Until HTC Sensation 4G or any Galaxy S II variant, LG G2x is your best bet on T-Mobile. With Tegra 2’s coupled with vanilla Android 2.2, makes it one of the hottest devices in town. Leaked builds of G2x Gingerbread are already floating in the geek-o-sphere.

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Best Physical QWERTY Device:

HTC G2: Also known as HTC Desire Z in the international markets, G2 is one of the best Android slide-out QWERTY phones out there. Z-Hinge might be a problem but apart from that it is the device to go for if you like QWERTY keypad. Another goodie is the vanilla build of Android, and Gingerbread is approaching very soon.

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Other notable Android phones on the network include myTouch 4G, and Optimus T if you are looking for an affordable device.

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