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Asus PadFone official – 10 inch tablet + 4 inch smartphone

So, Asus PadFone has finally been announced at Computex today. It is basically a culmination of two devices, one tablet and one smartphone. Both the devices have their own batteries and operating systems. You can dynamically switch between phone and tablet display while your phone is docked in.

Smartphone can use the tablet battery while on dock but there is only one cellular connectivity option, as we reported this morning. Tablet will be able to use the 3G connectivity via phone, which has one SIM card slot. Phone comes with dual camera and tablet has one front cam, but phone’s rear camera can also be used as part of tablet thought a hole in the back of the tablet.

Asus also announced that they still haven’t decided the final hardware specifications of the device, which mean we will have to wait for more days to hear about any pricing or availability details.

Update: Tablet will come with Honeycomb, while phone will have Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread.

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