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Asus Eee Pad Transformer Android 3.1 update rolling out now

Asus has started rolling out Android 3.1 update for Eee Pad Transformer in Taiwan and China and rest of world will get it tomorrow. It is one day late of what we reported earlier, but I am sure Eee Pad Transformer owners can wait 24 hours.

Update is rolling out OTA (Over The Air), so you will get a notification on your device soon, else you can follow this guide to install the leaked build manually.

Update Changelog:

  • Build number:
  • MobileDock version: 0209 (No update occurs, unless your dock was out of date from before)
  • Kernel changed.
  • Updated wifi driver.
  • Updated bluetooth driver.
  • Updated GPS driver.
  • General CPU optimisation, improved loading times performance.
  • General GPU optimisation, improved graphics performance.
  • Smoother UI experience.
  • Greater stability.
  • More responsive multitasking.
  • Re-sizable widgets.
  • Decreased app loading times.
  • Added more USB device support (gamepads, etc).
  • Added more Bluetooth device support.
  • Added one click USB importing of files from external devices (cameras, etc).
  • Wifi icon shows data activity.
  • Debug mode icon changed.
  • Task manager list now scrollable.
  • Browser ‘quick controls’ updated.
  • Browser speed improvements.
  • Full flash support (720p).
  • Embedded HTML5 video normal size enabled.
  • Browser now supports saving webpages to web archives (saves as .webarchivexml filetype to Downloads directory).
  • Scrolling tab for easier page navigation.
  • Browser pinch to zoom improvements.
  • Tapping the home button now takes you back to the last screen you were on, not always the centre screen.
  • Mouse tracking improved (using dock).
  • Mobile network signal battery bar removed.
  • Movie Studio app added.
  • Zinio Reader app added.


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