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Android Market revamped; gets Editors Choice, new app charts

Thought that Android Market got neglected in all the Ice Cream Sandwich, Chrome OS saga, well you are wrong. Google has silently released a new version of Web Android Market and same will be rolled out to phone and tablets soon.

The new look Android Market brings several new features including new app charts to editor selected applications.

New Features in Android Market:

New top app charts: New top app charts are fasters and country specific, so you can check which apps are popular in your country.

Editors’ Choice: Best Apps selected by Android Market staff.

Top Developers: Special Icon for developers, who are continuously developing high quality apps. Starting today with first set of 150 devs.

Better related apps: Two groups of related apps, first apps frequently browsed by people who viewed this app and second that people tend to install alongside this app.

Trending apps: Name says it all.


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