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Acer’s Honeycomb tablet with Intel Oak Trail processor coming in July

So, the first tablets with Intel’s Oak Trail processor are getting launch details. If you don’t know Intel recently announced the Oak Trail processor with Android support to make an entry in the fast growing tablet arena.

According to a report in Digitimes, Acer is all set to launch the Intel Oak Trail powered Honeycomb tablet sometime in July. Tablet is set to go on mass production by OEM Compal electronics.

As we recently reported that Intel is going to showcase several tablet running on its processor at the upcoming Computex, which means we might see this unnamed Acer tablet too at the event.

Digitimes report further states that Intel is also in talk with Lenovo and Asus and we might see Intel/Android tablets from them too soon.


One thought on “Acer’s Honeycomb tablet with Intel Oak Trail processor coming in July

  1. I just don’t get the idea of an intel atom tablet running Android. I don’t want a fan in my tablet, I don’t want the battery to die faster, and I don’t want poor graphic capabilities. Tegra 3 tablets should be showing up around August. . . Tegra 3 Vs Intel Atom?!?!!? I’ll take the Tegra 3.

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