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With 700,000 units shipped, Is Motorola Xoom really a fail?

Few days back, we reported that Motorola Atrix and Xoom had disappointing sales via Pacific Crest analyst James Faucette. But it seems the actual figure might be a little different, today Digitimes mentioned a figure that surely does not look like a failure to me.

According to the report, Motorola has shipped around 700,000 units of Xoom till March, we are not sure about the actual number of sales, but most companies boast their product by shipment numbers only.

Considering that Xoom actually started selling on Feb 24, which means company shipped 700,000 Xoom units in 35 days that too only in United States. I would not term that a failure considering the price of the tablet.


2 thoughts on “With 700,000 units shipped, Is Motorola Xoom really a fail?

  1. Android devices are hard to gauge in a short time. They usually don’t have big sales numbers when they open. They sell more consistently over time and since the WiFi Xoom just went on sale I think all these doom and gloom analysts are just spreading FUD.

  2. The form factor of tablets isn’t that appealing. Tablets are over rated and this will come to light within a couple of years time when sales of iPads too will start to fall. It was Apple’s marketing magic that created the aura for the product more than the practicality (read: usage) of the product itself. As a sub-note, touch screen seem apt till 4.3″ screens as seen in smartphones .. anything larger isn’t suitable for daily long duration usage. The laptop form factor is the stable version and will continue to have decent sales post euphoria of tablet era .. which may last for not more than two years. Sales of Motorola’s Android 3.0 version Xoom should have skyrocketed considering the penetration of Android platform but the sales are low due to above reasons.

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