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Samsung Galaxy S2 to reach UK, Germany in May

Samsung seems to be delaying the Galaxy S II launch in UK for another month. Last time we reported, UK release was scheduled to happen in March, but it has been delayed by another month and will happen in May now.

E-Retailer Clove, which is going to stock the device is now showing that first stock will arrive in May, while Amazon Germany puts the same month for launch in Germany too.

This news will surely come as a disappointment for many and company might lose customers to LG Optimus 2X, which is another device with dual-core processor but runs FroYo.

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3 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S2 to reach UK, Germany in May

  1. Message to Gaurav Shukla, The galaxy s2 was never scheduled to be released in march, your talking hearsay from the retailers who basically guess the dates. The product release date is never known until the manufacturer reports. So lets stop guessing shall we and wait……..

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