Samsung Galaxy S2 benchmarks go over the roof

Looking to buy Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S2 smartphone, this news will surely make you want it more. The latest benchmark results to hit the blogosphere see a huge change due to the processor upgrade. If you don’t know Samsung has upgraded the processor to 1.2 GHz in some of the Galaxy S2 versions.

It is still not clear that which markets will be lucky to have the 1.2 GHz version apart from UK, where company has confirmed just a few days ago.  Coming back to the benchmarks, Samsung dual-core 1.2 GHz Exynos scored a 3,053 in Quadrant, which is almost double of what is being recording HTC Sensation. HTC Sensation runs on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 1.2 Ghz processor.

These benchmarks bear a significant improvement from its predecessor original Galaxy S.  While benchmarks don’t always results in the equally improved device performance, they do give a decent idea about the hardware in the device.

To remind you about Samsung Galaxy S2, it features 1 GB RAM, Android 2.3, 16 GB/32 GB Internal Memory, 8 MP rear camera with 2 MP front camera and 4.27 inch S-AMOLED Plus display.

Detailed benchmarks below:



via Engadget

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