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Samsung Galaxy 3 I5801 gets Android 2.2 FroYo update in India

Samsung has finally released the Android 2.2 aka FroYo update for Galaxy 3 (I5801) in India. Several of our readers are reporting that update is available via Samsung Kies.

Please download Samsung Kies for Samsung Galaxy 3 from here, and connect your device to download the update.

The update will bring Apps on SD card support, JIT compiler, native WiFi tethering support and lots of more goodies to Galaxy 3.

Samsung Galaxy 3 was released in August last year running on Android 2.1 and buyers have been waiting for FroYo since then. We hope today’s update will make them happy. Do share your experience with device after the update with us in comments.

Thanks Rahul for the tip

75 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy 3 I5801 gets Android 2.2 FroYo update in India

  1. Is there a improvement in the devices performance..?
    ‘coz 2.1 takes long for media scanning and boot and also sometimes restarts automatically..
    Will 2.2 also enable LIVE WALLPAPERS on the 5801..?

  2. At last Samsung released 2.2 update for galaxy 3 in India. I installed today morning and working grt.. not yet tested all features.. Many Thanks Rahul..

  3. hi

    I opened the link. but in download section it is showing only below softwares updates
    1) SAMSUNG Kies,PC Sync
    3) Unistall progam.

    please give me the link for firmware update.

    i cant find it

  4. @bharathfloyd: hi bharathfloyd, can u plz mention steps u followed for updating galaxy 3 from 2.1 to 2.2… just in case for more specific info for ur successful update process….
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  5. Unable to upgrade my galaxy 3 from 2.1 to 2.2. The upgrade option is not available in my Kies but i have downloaded a latest one. Please help.

    Waiting for reply and thanks in advance.

  6. hey ….one good news after suc a long delay is…………
    Seems the vodafone issue for call drop is solved…..havent faced it since last night….

    froyo was available but this cll drop issue on vodafone live(Edge) was still in those versions….

    Beter late than never….

  7. when i am trying to upgrade, after some time i am getting device disconnected message..but i am sure that it was connected before the start of the process and i didnt even touch the phone after that….please provide a solution if u r facing the same issue

  8. Thanks for the update.One question though.
    To upgrade do I just have to connect the phone to the computer,open Kies and see for Firmware upgrade?

  9. I m trying to upgrade my G3 through kies,but its repeatedly after some time showing timed out error…kindly help…..

  10. when i am trying to upgrade, after some time (completing 63%) i am getting a message “Failed to run upgrade. Unknown error occured” and device gets disconnected , immediately after clicking on OK it gets connected once again.Please provide a solution.

  11. faced timed out issues while upgrading….
    just dont let the pc be idle….
    continuous alt+tab worked for me the 4th time..

  12. i tried upgrading thrice via kies…but it gets disconnected when it comes tht preparing for upgradation….
    weird…some issue i cant really understand…plzzz help…am eager to insta;lll froyo on my phone…plzzz help guys

  13. I can’t see the updated in my Sam Kies. though i have the latest version of it. any suggestions?
    have been waiting for the update since i purchased the phone months back. eagerly…

  14. Hmm , If your facing the “Time out” error firstly make sure that everything is connected then try resetting it to factory settings and see if that works if not go to a samsung store and let them get it done for you.

  15. Hi Rahul!
    I have a Galaxy 3 which i bought almost immediately after it was launched here in Mumbai. I have a couple of questions on the upgrade.
    1: The KIES installed (using the CD which came along with the phone) on one of my machines still shows that the firmware of the unit cannot be upgraded….any idea why???
    2: I have also installed KIES through the net on an other machine and this shows that the firmgrade is available but asking for upgrading the KIES. Now this takes an enormous amount of time but nothing happens despite the download bar showing 100%…..Again any idea why????

  16. Hi Every body,

    I was update android 2.2 its a amazing.Its totally new OS.

    My phone running soothly.No issues going on with FROYO.Battery power consumption is also less as compare to 2.1

  17. I have updated my g3 to froyo. I am facing problem with camera when i changed setting to review the photo taken for 2 seconds. its showing an error “camera failed”. Anybody facing the same problem???????. If yes definitly this would be a problem with 2.2 . Mail me if you found any solution…

  18. hey i tried upgradin bt i get a msg dat insufficient disk space..requires atleast 3000 mb…..
    nw m confused.. wt space is it talkin abt??? my computer has more dan that fr sure…. do i need bigger sd card nw?????

  19. Hi,
    I updated my galaxy 3. Its working fine. Just that live wallpaper is missing not present :(. But else good. Have to evaluate few days.

  20. Hi frnds,

    After updating to Froyo.. What do u get in Firmware version, Base Band version, Kernel Version & Build Number as i tried updating the version but don’t know whether its updated or not.

  21. HI all…
    my kies which comes along with my phone doesnt show any upgrade…. so i decided to download a new one from above link. Above version of kies shows me a upgrade but at 62% it got stuck and after few minutes it says “unknown error”. Can any1 help asap.

    Thanks in advance

  22. Hi. I upgraded my galaxy 3 to FroYo…and I have to say its very nice. Running very smoothly. No issues with lag. No live wallpapers but its OK. New wallpapers are very nice and gives you a pleasant feel.

    If anyone has any questions regarding this,mail me at

  23. Guys, who got upgraded to new version,

    how much it takes to upgrade………! mine gets stuck at ‘Prepare for firmware upgrade’

  24. @Pradeep: I am also facing same problem
    some other bugs which i found
    1. while ringing, phone does not becomes silent if one presses the side volume button.
    2. Swipe does nt work.
    and the most bad part No live wallpapers which we were expecting in this upgrade 🙁
    Still testing this new version, hoping that it will not surprise with more bugs

  25. updated to froyo but hv an issue wid default music closes within sec of opening
    lemme know if anybody faces d same.

  26. @srikant did u first try to update your kies coz only latest version of of kies shows that an update is available the moment u connect ur phone.

  27. Gets stuck at Prepare for firmware upgrade………nothing happens thereafter……tried thrice…..left even for more than two hours….somebody please help..

  28. @pradeep I hv used camera with review settings changed for 2 sec n its working fine without any error.If u still not able to figure out the soln ,better downld a camera app from market.

  29. I update my phone unofficially is there any problem with unofficial can i switch back to previous firmware version to update the phone officially

  30. I have been desperately trying to upgrade Samsung Galaxy-3 to froyo. Have installed the latest version of Kies. Using Win 7 . Its not able to connect the device just shows connecting. COULD SOMEONE PL. GUIDE.

  31. @all having problems connecting the device to kies. Just unmount your sdcard.and then connect. GT-I5801 will connect within seconds.

    i think kies downloads a small plug-in in the beginning when we start the firmware upgrade.

    Then a screen comes that says that components are being prepared for upgrade.

    at this stage i am getting the windows error
    “FirwareUpgrade stopped working”
    but the window doesnt close… it keeps showing the ‘preparing for upgrade’ message.

    i am stuck here..
    anyone can help?

  32. After the Froyo firmware upgrade Swype DOES NOT work.This is a confirmed feedback from multiple people.There is unconfirmed report on issues with Camera also!!!

  33. if Samsung kies doesn’t show you your device connected then plz remove your memory card from your device and make backup of the applications and contacts etc and then connect your device without memory card to your pc the phone will be connected and voilla you can upgrade to froyo

  34. those who having problems , kindly follow like this .
    Settings > Wireless & networks > USB settings > select Samsung Kies .

    then connect the device , Kies will detect it & ask to upgrade , then follow instructions .

  35. i tried all the above suggestion provide for upgrading but still have the same problem..kies stop working and shows an error message

  36. Hi All,
    Froyo update on Galaxy 3 is awesome. It took me just 20-25 minutes through latest Kies MTNL broadband connection at 1 AM to upgrade. There was no need to restore contacts, applications or SMS,. Kies is beautiful software to upgrade. New widgets and new bundled apps are part of this major release. Please go for it. Never look back…Please follow the blog:

    all the best…

  37. Hi All,17-Apr-11 in India
    Froyo update on Galaxy 3 is awesome. It took me just 20-25 minutes through latest Kies MTNL broadband connection at 1 AM to upgrade. There was no need to restore contacts, applications or SMS,. Kies is beautiful software to upgrade. New widgets and new bundled apps are part of this major release. Please go for it. Never look back…Please follow the blog:

    all the best…

  38. Have upgraded to froyo successfully at the fifth attempt. All data and settings intact. Prima facie all seems ok.

    The Android version says 2.2 Any idea if this is the original 2.2 or includes all the subsequent bug fixes specifically the SMS ones.

  39. Froyo drains the battery rapidly & the vol keys are not working while incoming calls to silent the phone, Samsung need to solve these things.

  40. Hi,

    Actually I have tried to visit the samsung site for downloading Samsung Kies for updating Android OS but i am using Ubuntu OS and i didnt found any link to download Samsung Kies for Ubuntu.

    Do you know from where i can download samsung kies for ubuntu to update my samsung galaxy 3 firmware?

    Please help me.

  41. Tried upgrading to Froyo for G3 via latest Kies (both on XP and Win 7). Kies shows ‘Connecting’, and then it gets stuck for hours together. Earlier, I have uninstalled Kies using the utility in the samsung update site. Uninstalled drivers, and re-installed Kies & drivers – all latest version available in samsung india site for G3. No luck. Please let me know how to go about this.

    Is there any OTA mode of upgradation?


  42. Even i Tried upgrading, but kies is giving an message like there is no upgradition available for this version or phone.. When are they fixing it? shud we wait for another 6 months?

  43. guyz i m sorry. got my phone updated. just try using a new version of KIES and keep ur screen alert. nice n exciting features u people like it.

  44. I wrote a message in samsung support about update and got this:

    As per Information Samsung mobile model GT-I5801 (GALAXY 3) is coming
    with v2.1. Android Version , v2.2 (FROYO) we don’t have any official
    upgradation info in INDIA so kindly bear with us till then .

  45. Sorry for these many comments. i downloaded latest kies from the samsung site and it showed me the update. i updated it fully, but new problem now. the keyboard is not working. when i click any key a blue border is visible but no key is working. any suggestions???

  46. @AB
    Had a similar problem. This has to do with the non working swype in the update. You can get the keypad working by going to settings: locale and text . In this change the select input method from swype to samsung keypad. The keypad will start working.

  47. Updated my galaxy 5801 yesterday. Everything looks ok. But disappointed, there is no support for live wallpaper. I dont know why Samsung doing like this..!

    Also flash player support is NOY there for Arm V6 processor.So Galaxy 5801 will not have flash support…

  48. Hi All,11-Apr-11 in India

    Samsung has already released Froyo update for Galaxy 3 throigh Kies almost a week back early around 10-Apr-11.

    Official Samsung India Froyo update on Galaxy 3 is awesome. It took me just 20-25 minutes through latest Kies MTNL broadband connection at 1 AM to upgrade. There was no need to restore contacts, applications or SMS,. Kies is beautiful software to upgrade. New widgets and new bundled apps are part of this major release. Please go for it. Never look back…Please follow the blog:

    all the best…

  49. I’ve updated my Galaxy5801 thru’ kies update. Everything looks good, but two of the froyo features are NOT working in galaxy 5801 (2.2) update,
    1. Live wallpaper not working
    2. Adobe flash player wont work in galaxy 5801, bcoz of ArmV6 processor.

    Additionally swype keypad also NOT working.

    Will Samsung give any other patch to fix LIVE Wall paper and swype keypad?

  50. Just got it done on my galaxy 3, working so smooth and also the swipe everything is good the only thing what I have lost on it is my Aqua analog clock with weather….:-(

  51. i tried to upgrade my android2.1 but the screen showing preparing for firmware upgrade taking much time. even it is preparing for yesterday night fully… help me out to solve this prob

  52. after update my phone battery gets drained faster dan before. also no support for live wallpapers and no flash support

  53. Hi guys..
    Samsung released latest kies update for i5801 in India.
    This update now supporting Indian languages Tamil, Telugu, Hindi..etc.

    Its a great news for us.

    Update is: PDA: JP6 CSC:JP6

    Install the update and enjoy reading your regional languages.

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