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Rumored Sony Ericsson Walkman series Android phone W15 leaked

Sony Ericsson’s first Walkman Android phone (W15)After Playstation certified Xperia Play, Sony Ericsson seems to be working on a Walkman series Android smartphone. Sony Ericsson’s earlier Walkman series phones have been hugely popular among young crowd, and company might be planning to reap that with an Android touch.

According to a rumors circulating, Sony Ericsson might launch a Walkman series W15 with Android 2.3, and it will have series of multimedia codec support. The leaked specifications include an entry-level 600 MHz processor, 3 inch display, 3.2 mega-pixel camera, dedicated music button and more.

It is being said to be having Xperia X8 like form-factor. There are no images of smartphone available right now, but it is being expected to be launched in April end or early May.

Company seems to be targeting the low /medium segment here, looking to work on the quantity.

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  1. I think whomever comes out with an Android pmp that has build in VOIP using WiFi and Google Voice with decent hardware will have a big hit on their hands. I’m surprised Google hasn’t released something now that they’ve closed down Gizmo5.

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