Olive Telecom launches Olive Fluid V-W1 in India for INR 10490

Olive Telecom might not have been able bring Olive Smart in Indian market till now, but it did launch another smartphone Fluid in the country. Olive Fluid V-W1 is an entry level Android smartphone, which comes powered with 2.1 aka Éclair and 468 MHz processor.

I don’t understand one thing; do these companies even understand the Indian market? What is the meaning of launching such an obsolete product [specs-wise] for INR 10,490. As a consumer, I wouldn’t even look at it second time. Even the cheapest of Android smartphones these days come powered by at least 600 Mhz processor, and with Gingerbread already getting old; it makes no sense to bring a product with Android 2.1.

Utter foolishness from Olive Telecom here, unless they start selling it for INR 5,000 tomorrow, I would not tell anyone to even consider it. Other features include 3.5 inch capacitive display [totally wasted], 256 MB internal memory, 3MP camera, 1300 mAh battery, and HSDPA support.

Source: Olive Telecom

5 thoughts on “Olive Telecom launches Olive Fluid V-W1 in India for INR 10490

  1. Well i would like to correct you on a few points :

    1.600mhz processor for a INR 10000 phone is absolutely fine
    2.a 3.5″ display isn’t totally wasted , its ideal for the price range
    3.Android 2.3 hasn’t even started being officially put on phones except for a few htc & se products ,so it isn’t getting older

    whereas they should have launched the product with atleast android 2.2 as users tend to shrug off products with older android builds

    1. @Rajat,

      It does not have 600 Mhz processor, it has only 468 Mhz processor [read] – So its not fine. 3.5 inch display is wasted coz if you apps or processor to support. As it comes with Eclair, you can not install apps on SD card, and internal memory is just 256 MB – out if which how is available for app install is another question.

  2. I would think 3.5 is great, the only other one with that size is Ace which is 40 % more expensive. With Froyo on board, it wouldn’t be all that bad. The processor isn’t needed unless your planning lots of videos / games.

  3. See this phone:

    600 Mhz processor + Android 2.2 + 3.5 screen with 480 x 800 pixels

    Better in almost every way than this phone, for just 10% higher price.

    Upgrading to 2.3 would not have increased the price of the device. Upgrading to a 600Mhz processor would have only increased the cost nominally. That is the very minimum that any current Android phone has.

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