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Notion Ink Adam getting Gingerbread update soon with new music & video player

Notion Ink has announced on its official blog that it will soon release Gingerbread update for the device along with several other enhancements. Those of you waiting for Honeycomb on the device, Notion Ink CEO Rohan did not reveal anything specific about the 3.0 but did hint that Gingerbread update is a step in that direction.

Upcoming Enhancements for Adam:

  • New e-book client
  • New Browser
  • Updated Kernel
  • Over-clocked Tegra
  • Fixes for Usability Issues
  • New multi-tasking environment
  • Chords Music Library and Player
  • Video Library and Player
  • DSP support
  • Adobe Flash pre-installed

Notion Ink has also made Adam kernel available for public tweaking and use, developers can download it from here.

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