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Motorola Xoom confirmed to launch on Telstra in Australia

Australian telecom operator Telstra today announced that that it will be launching Motorola Xoom Android tablet in the country, but did not disclose the pricing details. This Honeycomb tablet is expected to reach Australian shores in early May.

One of the most sought after Android tablet in the recent times, Xoom has also seen the fair share of criticism because of the no-so-ready software on the device. Google decided to push Honeycomb even before it was ready due to the increasing pressure of losing out in the tablet market.

Motorola Xoom features a 1GHz nVIDIA Tegra 250 processor, 10.1 inch HD display, 1GB RAM, front-facing (2-megapixel) and rear-facing (5-megapixel) cameras.

Telstra has schedule an event for May 5, which is the expected date of Xoom reaching stores.

“Motorola Xoom arrives at a time when Australians are embracing both mobile tablets and devices powered by Android in record numbers. Motorola Xoom’s high-definition touch screen and powerful operating software will make it possible for more Australians to enjoy video, mobile web browsing, gaming and magazines on the go”

–          Warwick Bray, executive director, Telstra Mobility Products


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