Motorola Atrix, Xoom sales disappointing?

Motorola was betting big on Atrix and first honeycomb tablet Xoom, but it seems things haven’t gone Motorola way.

According to Pacific Crest analyst James Faucette, Sell-through trends for both the Xoom tablet and the Atrix smart phone have been disappointing. Atrix has been particularly sad story because of the availability of cheaper options in the form of HTC Inspire and more.

Motorola Atrix and Xoom were announced at Consumer Electronics Show in January and were being anticipated to be best-sellers, but it seems the not-so-ready Honeycomb, and higher price has let Motorola down. On the other hand, Atrix is a real-Android superphone with incredible accessories, but prices of other smartphones stole the show from it.


One thought on “Motorola Atrix, Xoom sales disappointing?

  1. Both are very good peices of kit but very overpriced.

    As Android people tend to be more discerning that apple fan-boys and have options in the market.

    Also the UK marketing of these items has been sorely lacking… the “price cut” from dixon’s / pcworld just scares people off (why not get it priced right in the first place? it makes it look like you’re profiteering otherwise.. and oh look, there’s the asus with exactly the same spec for oh… £80 less…)

    All this stems from the initial belief that we (android chaps/ettes) are as gullible as apple followers and are willing to pay through the nose for items which are essentially a “luxury”.

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