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LG G2x Accessories [Buying Guide]

T-Mobile recently started selling G2x in United States. Device features a dual core processor and stock Android 2.2. With Gingerbread update round the corner, G2x is going to be the pet device for many. But your Android device cannot be complete without some of the following accessories.

We have compiled a list of best accessories for LG G2x.

1. Car Windshield Mount:  Adjustable/Rotatable car windshield holder suction mount

Price: $8.97 | Buy Now

2. Screen Protector Shield: Made from clear thermoplastic urethane film – which is used to protect military aircrafts and space shuttles. You also get lifetime replacements.

Price: $9.95 | Buy Now

3. Retractable Car Charger: Retractable vehicle lighter adaptor. (12~24v DC).

Price: $2.99 | Buy Now

4. Leather Case Pouch: Enables you to safely carry your phone with you. Genuine leather and high-quality construction with black color stitching

Price: $2.51 | Buy Now

5. Bluetooth Headset: This BT-B2 Bluetooth headset offers the greatest combination of functionality and ease of use

Price: $10.99 | Buy Now

6. Neoprene Exercise Armband: Protect your brand new smart phone against scratches and damages while exercising

Price: $14.85 | Buy Now

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  1. very nice I hope T Mobile Android 2.3 Gingerbread update will come very soon to fulfill all the features if this company launches with a fold able keyboard with this keyboard when we open this we can type anything as like as our computer’s keyboard if we fold it it should be smaller as a mobile if this type of keyboard available to us we can forget our computer i can say exactly.

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