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How to unroot Nook Color, flash stock version to install official FroYo update [Guide]

As B&N has finally released the official FroYo update for Nook Color, many of us would want to try out the update, so I have compiled a little guide and hope it helps everyone. If you want to make guide more useful [for others] on the basis of your experience, drop the details in comments.

First of all you will need to flash the official Nook Stock Firmware:

For this you need:

  • Rom manager / Clockwork Recovery. This can be easily installed through Nookie Froyo booted from uSD, or through rooted NC.
  • A uSD with enough free space (at least 175 MB). Make sure uSD is mounted (see mounts option in Clockwork Recovery). If it doesn’t read your uSD, format from an Android device (Memory settings, unmount-> format).
  1. Now:  Download Nook Color Stock V1.1 from here and copy to the uSD card.
  2. Now, when you are ready with everything mentioned above, Go to recovery, format data and system from mount & storage then select install zip from SD card and choose the above downloaded file.
  3. Clockwork Recovery will do everything and you device will become as it comes from B&N. Yes, this ZIP will remove Clockwork Recovery, by replacing /boot, /system, and /media with stock.
  4. Check on your Nook Color that you have been updated with the stock firmware.

If you face any problem with above steps, see this thread.

  1. And, now when you are finished with the above steps, download the latest release of official update [FroYo].
  2. Now, remove the uSD card from Nook Color and connect Nook Color via USB to your computer.
  3. Your computer will recognize Nook Color and a new, removable drive should show up in My Computer (Mac users will see the NOOK Color drive appear on the desktop or in devices). You should also see a “USB Mode” message on your NOOK Color screen.
  4. From your computer, drag and drop the downloaded *.ZIP file onto the main directory of the NOOK Color drive. Do NOT unzip the file. You should not create a new folder on the NOOK Color drive or add the file to any other existing folder.
  5. Eject or Safely Remove the NOOK Color drive after the file transfer is complete.
  6. Your NOOK Color will automatically recognize the file after a few minutes or when it goes to sleep mode, and proceed to install the updates.
  7. Please do not turn off your NOOK Color during the installation process.
  8. Once the installation is completed, your NOOK Color will automatically restart and go to the Home screen.
  9. Congratulations, your NOOK Color has been updated!


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