G’Five to launch entry level Android tablet in India soon

Shenzhen-based handset manufacturer G’Five is planning to introduce an Android tablet in Indian market within one month. While the details are scarce on this tablet, the company seems to be targeting budget tablet consumers and first time buyers.

We are ready with the product; we are just waiting for the right time to introduce the device. The pricing will be competitive with what is available in the market.”

–          Jaideep Chopra, vice president, G’Five

G’Five’s Android tablet will come pre-loaded with Android 2.1, reported Mobile Indian. The presence of Éclair on a tablet today isn’t a pretty sight, when everyone is looking to buy a Honeycomb powered tablet. Other features of the tablet are rumored to include 7 inch capacitive display, and a processor in the range of 600-800 MHz.

With these specs, I am sure G’Five won’t price it more than 10-12 INR, and may attract a few buyers, who don’t want to spend a lot of money on this new tech fad.

Nook Color, an e-book reader cum tablet, which comes with similar specs without a camera and GPS is priced USD 249 in US market, so it would be hard for G’Five to price around that.

G’Five is also planning to introduce more of its Mobispot branded stores across the country and we may see upto 500 new stores in next few months.

PS: Those who don’t know about G’Five, it is a Chinese mobile manufacturer, which came in news after it was declared to be the second largest mobile phone supplier in India behind Nokia  by IDC last year.

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