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Dell’s 10 inch Honeycomb tablet Gallo coming in June – Forbes

Confirming our previous news about Dell’s upcoming Honeycomb tablet, Forbes yesterday reported that Dell’s 10 inch Android tablet will be launched this summer. Publication also states that we can expect an announcement as early as June.

This report is in-line with Michael Dell’s statement with ET that we will see Honeycomb tablets within three months. Well, June is within three months. Another leaked document has put a name “Gallo” for tablet, while a third leak suggests a 499USD price for it.

With increasing competition from Samsung’s super sleek tablets and LG tablet with 3D recording, I would expect Dell to really step-up its game, considering its last tablet Streak 7 was a dud.

This 10 inch tablet was first teased at the Streak 7 launch.


One thought on “Dell’s 10 inch Honeycomb tablet Gallo coming in June – Forbes

  1. Dell had better do better with this tablet than their previous Android tablets. They’ve all been rather “low end” and nothing stellar about any of them thus far.

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