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CyanogenMod 7.0.2 live for download

cyanogen modCyanogenMod team has released its first update after stable release of 7.0. If you are wondering why it is 7.0.2 not 7.0.1, because some last minute bug were found in 7.0.1 after release, so it has been taken down.

So the final release for today is 7.0.2 and it comes with several bug-fixes along with few new features.

Full Changelog:

  • Fix issue with missing built-in themes
  • Update bundled ROM Manager to latest version
  • Fix fling velocity of status bar and ADW swipe
  • Fixed webview layout bug
  • Fix GVoice-opens-twice bug
  • Fix issues on all devices with DNS resolution failure after some time
  • RTL improvements
  • Fix crashes in Arabic locale
  • Add Arabic keylayout
  • Improve ADWLauncher scrolling/zoom performance
  • Fix excessive memory use when appending to textviews
  • New wallpapers from the CM community
  • Option to disable vibration while in-call
  • Add long press option to status bar widgets for settings
  • Compact carrier and status bar tweaks

For phone specific changelog visit this link. You can update your release of CyanogenMod using ROM Manager or download and flash via recovery.


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