Nook Color might get software update on April 25 [FroYo incoming with Apps?]

Update has been released as expected. See the latest post here and this guide to install update on rooted Nook Color.

One B&N employee has leaked on the forums that they are going to be trained for the new appstore for Nook Color on the coming Monday [ April 25] as they are not usually given too much heads up, so it is expected that the much awaited update might land on the same day.

The update is expected to bring Android 2.2 on the e-reader along with several Apps as well as an appstore type client to download more apps.

B&N had already started taking submission for the apps days before for the upcoming update. Nook Color has been one really popular e-Book reader due to its hack-ability and turning it into a full blown tablet.

Check out the sneak peak of update here.

Lets us know in comments on what are you expecting from this upcoming tablet.



  1. … but the buzz on some developer sites is that B&N specified they should be developing to the Android 2.1 sdk, so maybe a complete froyo implementation isn’t happening, just a 2.1 with flash support? (hope not-really want froyo at least)


  2. I also work at B&N, and it is true that the nook color will be updated on Monday. We have signage in the store that we are to put out on Monday.


  3. I heard through the grape vine that all the sinage will be come on Monday morning. Key employees will go in bright and early. Keep your fingers crossed everyone!!!


  4. Well, I’ve got the update, and I am, initially, underwhelmed. There are some selected apps available, but not the whole gamut of the Android world.

    I was waiting for this update, hoping that this would unlock the hidden android within, so to speak. I don’t see it happening here.

    No contact management, no good calendaring, email is iffy, apps are REALLY limited in scope, but you can get about every Dr. Seuss book as an app.

    So my question is: “How can I root the Nook, now? Do I need to wait until the gurus come up with “AutoNooter 4.0” or whatever?


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