Manually update Motorola Milestone to official FroYo

Motorola released the official FroYo update for Milestone users last night. Not many have been lucky so far in getting the update, as it is being released country by country.

So, if you cannot wait, you can flash the update file right now using the following instructions now.

Method One:

Flashing official FroYo update:

Download the official update file using any of the links below:

Download RSDLite from the links below and install it

  1. Connect your Milestone using USB cable, RSDLite will detect it, and if not then disconnect the phone and close RSDLite. Switch off your phone and power it on in Bootloader mode by pressing * # and power button at the same time. After coming in Bootloader mode, connect the PC once again, and open RSDLite and it will detect your phone.
  2. Select the downloaded Froyo update file [.sbf, unzip it if it is .sbf.gz] and click start.
  3. Once completed the program should restart the phone and if successful it should say Finished and a PASS in the line field.

Method Two:

  1. Restoring the Nandroid Backup for the official FroYo update with root using your custom recovery.
  2. IF you have a custom recovery installed in your phone, I am pretty sure you know what I am talking about.
  3. So, just download the Nandroid Backup from here and restore it.

If you have problem in understanding the step above, the best place ask question will be XDA. I know I am not good at writing instructions, so if anyone has better instructions, please post them in comments to help others.

Helpful Links

# A guide to use RSDLite


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