Japanese phone manufacturers trying to go global with Android

Japanese phone is a dream machine for many. An Android OS to run it is like cherry on the cake! So guys, get ready to have the cake with the cherry.

With the rise of Android, Japanese companies have finally got an option to leave out their clunky softwares in carrier bogged down phones and go global. Japanese phone industry is planning to embrace their smartphones with Google’s Android mobile operating system.

Till now, the country’s handset makers have been comfortably serving only Japan’s three largest mobile networks. That means a market of more than 100 million users. However, Android will definitely help Japanese phone makers to reduce software development costs.

”Japan has great hardware, great R&D, great engineers,” said John Lagerling, director of Android Global Partnerships at Google. ”Now they can also get the best software.”

So get ready to see smartphones from Sharp, Kyocera and other Japanese countries.


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