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HTC, Toshiba, Dell and Acer’s 10 inch Honeycomb tablets coming in June

Well, that’s surely another tablet hurricane waiting to strike. After Samsung and Motorola, other manufacturers are prepping with their Honeycomb tablet versions.

According to a leaked flyer, HTC, Toshiba, Acer and Dell are going to launch their tablets in June in United States.

  • HTC‘s 10 inch tablet: TBD
  • Toshiba’s 10 inch tablet: USD 499
  • Acer’ 10 inch tablet: USD 449
  • Dell’s 10 inch tablet: USD 499

In a separate leak, US retailer Stapes is also planning to carry these tablets in its stores soon. Combining these two together, we surely know that we are going to see the Honeycomb onslaught pretty soon.

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