HTC Evo 3D Vs LG Thrill

HTC launched an Android superphone in the form of Evo 3D yesterday, but how does it stands up against the previously announced LG Thrill aka Optimus 3D. Well, we did a quick specs match up and Evo 3D seriously turns out to be clear winner, but if you feel different lets us know in comments.

HTC Evo 3D Vs LG Thrill

3 thoughts on “HTC Evo 3D Vs LG Thrill

  1. hi there i have not played or seen a 3d evo htc i have played a 3d thrill at&t soo i dont get a change fee for switching carriers i am going lg thrill 3d i like it a lot when playing at the store i have currently 2d iphone 4 eather 3d phones are way better then 2d phones soo any 3d is a win for consumers for htc evo 3d and lg thrill

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